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About Me

When I was 12 years old my world was turned upside down when I had to spend a stint in hospital for a ruptured appendix. I went from being a very sporty, active child almost to overnight being bed bound. Following complications of a secondary infection & operation I was floored.

I spent months trying to regain weight & get back to school but my body was so weak. I suffered terribly from brain fog & fell behind. 

Eventually I was given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue, often referred to as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). This explained why I was struggling to complete basic daily tasks without exhaustion but didn't offer any answers or relief from my struggles. I yoyoed in & out of school for a year or so, still very undernourished & weak, before one by one, my large joints started to swell & loose mobility.

At age 16 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis & so began a 6 year period of hopping from one  pharmaceutical drug to the next. Changing every time the side-effects became worse than my original symptoms. Anti-inflammatories, pain relief, steroids & much stronger 'disease modifying' drugs accumulated on my medical report whilst my liver took the brunt of trying to detoxify it all. Individually they all had a grace period of quietening my symptoms but eventually lead to various side effect leaving me still searching for relief & answers. The more mobility I lost, the more I spiraled into a depression.

In my early 20's I realised there had to be other options. I was inspired by a few 'woo-woo' stories I'd heard of people bringing themselves back to health with diet & lifestyle intervention. So...I begun to experiment for myself. Firstly I cut gluten, dairy & most refined sugars from my diet. I did a few year stint being vegan, too. As with the meds, I found these to give me brief relief but never totally put the arthritis at bay. I then sought out studying Nutrition properly, so I could understand the mechanisms of how the body uses food as fuel for all its processes.

I was desperate to get back to some form of activity & so, tentatively began my journey with Yoga. Reconnecting to my body after such time dissociating from it was truly transformational. With a combination of keeping this connection, practicing yoga & eating an individualised, seasonal diet, I am med free & feeling better than ever before. 

I believe we all deserve feel to our best within our own bodies & am so pleased I can offer Nutritional & Yoga therapy to support those ready to heal themselves & thrive.

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