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Holistic Nutritional Therapy

Working 1:1 with a holistic nutritionist runs much deeper than purely dietary advice.
I endeavor to understand your whole lifestyle. Acting as a detective to the body & figuring out what could be potentiating imbalance & driving the symptoms you are experiencing.

I can advise & refer you towards any testing that may be available from your GP or private functional tests that will support your dietary plan.
I am here to offer advice & support from the ground up. Thorough explanation is given to all suggestions & we work as a team to help you get to thriving health.

For clients with long-term & chronic conditions, I offer packages where we work together for a longer duration. These range from 3-6 months & include mindful & yoga therapies to guide you to find solace & relief from any condition you may be facing. Please explore these options on my booking page.


For a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your current health & goals please get in touch below.


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