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Nourished Moves

Holistic Therapy (Nutrition & Yoga)
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Welcome to Nourished Moves.

Explore my offerings below to see how I could support you or your team on your wellness journey.

Be it Nutritional therapy, Sports nutrition, Yoga or a combination of it all - it all begins with a FREE, no obligation discovery call to get to know each other & give you an opportunity to discover which Nourished Moves best supports you.

 I look forward to our work together.


Work with me 1 to 1, discovering how you can feed in to your health goals with personalised nutritional therapy plans. 

I endeavor to navigate beyond your presenting symptoms to find the root cause of any imbalances in your body & support you to thriving health.


Come join my weekly classes or combine your nutritional therapy with personalised mindful movement & stress management.

About Me

I learnt in my teens to manage & eventually overcome Rheumatoid arthritis. The pain & suffering eventually revealed how much tension I was carrying through my body. I trialed many dietary models & worked to find movement that felt welcome in my body, not an endurance... 

This began after long-term suffering with chronic fatigue following a ruptured appendix. I was finally labelled with Rheumatoid Arthritis age 15. A painful inflammatory condition that effected my joints, leaving me debilitated, exhausted & depressed. 

Medicines were making me worse with side effects & I began to believe the narrative Dr's told me... that I would be in a wheelchair by 30.

I had to understand the body better so I could support myself & find a new trajectory.

I became inquisitive of alternatives. I was surprised to find my I was capable of so much more than the Drs had sentenced me to. I was in awe of this lost connection I was reestablishing with myself.

 I took a whole rewilding approach, stripping back all aspect of my life, spending more time outside & eating whole foods. As my mobility & mindset began to improve I followed the path that felt right - to study Nutrition & Yoga. After many fascinating years of study (of which continues with Herbal Medicine) I'm pleased I can finally support others on such transformative journeys.

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My Approach

As a holistic therapist I support my clients in all aspects of their life. From a thorough case history we begin to understand how the symptoms you experience may be triggered or exacerbated by dietary & lifestyle choices. 

I work to understand the root cause of imbalances in the body & help empower you to restore health & vitality. This comes through a combination of nutritional intervention & lifestyle practices that help you overcome stress & feel back in the driving seat of your life.

Nourished Offerings

I came to Annie a few months ago after my chronic illness had me house bound through the majority of winter. With her help i am on the road to recovering and am beginning to enjoy my old life again. Annie has an approach that looks at my entire wellbeing, she produces structured and easy to follow plans and she explains the nature and purpose behind each of her suggestions. Annie lives and breathes this stuff and her passion for holistic and nutritional health is a huge source of inspiration.

Emily. 26

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